• “We unlock the power of data analytics and artificial intelligence to make email marketing better.”

About us

Minematic was founded in 2013. The idea was founded purely to solve the crisis of homogeneity we witnessed spreading across the globe. As societies become increasingly computerised and uniformed, the death of individuality was impending and that was something we refused to accept. We simply hated receiving generic treatment like everyone else.

That was when Minematic was born, full of hope and recognition that every individual was unique and deserved basic respect at all levels, starting with a personalised email.

The Family

The family of Minematicians are made of data scientists, marketing wizards, visual experts and word whizzes. We are constantly experimenting and applying new technologies to process the seemingly insurmountable amounts of data generated on the web every second. Our goal? To give the much-hated Email a second chance at life, morphing digital communications into a conduit which converts, retains customers and nurtures lasting relationships.

We will soon be rolling out more marketing channels, but first, let’s start with Emails!


We’re a team of opinionated, mildly aggressive, passionate and chatty people who get things done. We love people who are brimming with ideas and want a space to shine. If this intrigues you, apply at careers@minematic.com to join the family!

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