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Hello from Vietnam!

Chon.vn is the largest and most comprehensive e-commerce hub for shopaholics in Vietnam. Chon.vn is well stocked with international brands such as DKNY and Marc Jacobs, alongside Vietnamese brands like Vera and Sensorial.

The founder, Vy, has always had a penchant for starting up new businesses. Since the 8th grade, she started her first online company. Besides monitoring fashion trends and collaborating with retail partners, this young starlet is also the President of UNICEF Next Gen in Vietnam, where she engages in projects to help less fortunate children.

“Nothing is impossible as long as you have determination,” says Vy - no wonder she has been named as one of the most successful business minds under 30 by Forbes magazine.

Chon.vn meets Minematic

Managing more than 200 brand partners and 32,000 products is no easy feat, and keeping strong relationships with their branding partners and customers proved a challenge. Moreover, many Vietnamese customers were not familiar with the online shopping model yet, and ensuring that the website interface and modes of customer communication were user-friendly was vital.

Minematic’s insight into the demographics, frequency and accessibility to technology was key for Chon.vn’s customer communication strategies. One-to-one, personalised emails by Minematic not only generated new customer interest, but also paved the way to build lasting relationships with returning customers.

When Chon.vn met Minematic, the user-friendly interface of the website and communication channels were pushed to their potential. Minematic collects and segments the massive amounts of data generated on Chon.vn and offers Vy and her team core information on capturing customers through intelligent marketing. Intelligent marketing enhances understanding of consumer behaviour by following the customer on their online shopping experience. Minematic then sends every customer individualised emails with products which suit their preferences and needs to maximum consumer satisfaction, and fetch returning customers.

Some highlights include:

  • Chon.vn sees over 15% click through rate consistently across campaigns
  • With email personalization, over 45% of customers who opened also clicked on emails
  • Chon.vn sees a higher than 150% return on their investment

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