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FashionValet was inspired by life in the United Kingdom.

Founders Vivy and Fadzarudin were two students who were awed by the doorstep delivery services of everything ranging from clothing to groceries in the UK. These trailblazers decided to bring the concept and convenience to Asia, and have never looked back since.

Despite the limited capital and the intense competition in the e-commerce world, their optimism prevailed. These young and energetic entrepreneurs view competition as a validation of the huge opportunities available in the market. Their attitude and passion has led them to constantly vie for new avenues of growth and inspiration to push the boundaries of FashionValet.

FashionValet is a one-stop, independent online fashion paradise boasting more than 200 brands. They also offer unique, limited edition scarves and handbags designed by Vivy herself. Don’t forget to catch the launch; they are always sold out before the hour.

FashionValet meets Minematic

Like all emerging e-commerce businesses, getting the word out on their incredible new venture was a challenge. Making an impression on customers was the first part of the job, and keeping up a relationship with every customer was the second.

FashionValet needed collective data to identify trends; yet they also wanted to keep their distinctive emphasis on personalisation. They wanted customers to return because of their excellent customer service and Minematic understood this concern perfectly. Through highly responsive and intricately personalised email templates, FashionValet connected with new customers more quickly while retaining returning ones effectively.

Some highlights include:

  • FashionValet experienced the highest conversion rates ever, at 24%
  • With impeccable email personalization, 41% customers opened emails
  • 10% of customers clicked through emails and returned to purchase again

FashionValet experienced more than 500% return on investment and has reached out to their customers with more than 300k recommendations since they met Minematic.

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